My name is  Mistress Athena, mastering the art of tease and denial, my aim is to to see your excitement, while I'm just taking pleasure of seeing you vulnerable and exposed. I practice mostly a sensual and glamorous domination. 

This combined with my intoxicating and sadistic personality will keep you all strings attached, crawling at my feet, begging for more... 


Designer of erotic fantasies

I'm dominatrix Athena, a French highly educated woman. The world is my playground, and you are at the right place if you want to be my toy. I wield my beauty and wicked mind like a weapon, playfully squeezing enjoyment out of every new conquest and victim: YOU!


My aim is to design the perfect set up, in order to realize your erotic fantasies. I'm specialized in the organisation of complex erotic fantasies, such as abduction, outdoor games, and multiple slave games. 


Inducing you in a higher state of mind is my passion. Hand yourself over to another kind of consciousness, have faith in my expertise... While haning on my words, you'll be taught the pleasure of serving me and your reward will be sensational.

Meet me

How: (min. 2 hours booking starting from september 2020) 

Anything exiting and breathtaking coming through your mind? Tell me all about it!

Instead of quivering with lust behind your desk, share your burning desires with your Mistress. I need to know you and your masochistic tendencies. In order to give you the adapted treatment.

I'll be listening to you carefully without judging, and when it comes to the session, you hand yourself over to my experience.

Of course, I'm the one who's deciding whether your request deserves my attention or not. Your mail should include politeness, common sense and of course a description of yourself and a request. 


- Antwerp, in the Luxury playroom of SPNKD.com 

- A luxury hotel is always appealing for a kinky game. 

- Paris and London, dates will be displayed on my website, or you can fly me to you all travel charges included.


- Kidnap

- Tease and denial 

- Footfetish

- (long term) Chastity

- Humiliation

- Bondage

- Sensory Deprivation

- Toys for Boys

- Hypnoses

- Findom

- Latex, nylon 

- multiple slavery games

- long term servitude and slavery

- Duo games

- Games with my slavegirl

- Sissification

Absolute dont's

- I'm never naked!

- Sexual act with the mistress is strictly out of question! My slave girl will submit herself to those tasks.

- Forget about brown showers! 

- I have my own style of domination, you'll not invited to impose another one to me. 

- BDSM is my playground, respect my boundaries as I respect yours.... that's where the game starts. 

My videos for sale on Onlyfans

Become a supporter of my work and access a collection of photography, video, journal entries and lifestreams exclusively on Onlyfans.

What do you find on Onlyfans?

- Daily content from real sessions and daily routine from your mistress. There is also a special focus for footfetish and adoration. 

- Full fotoshoot content

- I'm a creator of soft BDSM videos with always a touch of elegance and glamour, I make it possible for the subscribers or Onlyfans to buy my short movies. My short movies are between 15 to 30 minutes of exclusive, full length videos. There's always a slight touch of ASMR. 

So what are you waiting for? 



If you want my attention and you want to make good impression, no need to wait for these dates.... I love to be spoiled by my fans and devotees. What are you waiting for?!

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Good occasions to send me a gift:

  • 1 January: New Year

  • 14 February: Valentine's Day

  • 8 March: Int. Woman Day

  • 14 July: My Birthday

  • 25 December: Xmas


Get in touch

Your e-mail should include:

- common sense and politeness

- your interests in bdsm and the scenario you would like me to consider

- your experiences with bdsm

- particular dates for any appointment.


I speak fluent English, French and Dutch. You are free to contact me in those languages.

EMAIL | dominatrixathena@gmail.com| Belgium



© 2020 by Dominatrix/ Meesteres Athena.